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Why Join Us?

We are D.H. Hill, a Texas boutique firm that specializes in offering professional money management and alternative investments to the retirement market.  We have a market niche, which defines our philosophy of narrowing your target, focusing on that market and delivering risk-appropriate products that set you apart from the pack. We believe that being all things to all people is not the approach to take in today’s sophisticated marketplace.  Our research tells us that the affluent market that has accumulated assets demands and expects expertise and specialized services.

In fact, we do not understand why anyone would want to be all things to all people.  Our Independent Financial Advisors, who have followed our business model, have seen their practices and incomes increase substantially. Early on we recognized that our Independent Financial Advisors had diverse backgrounds with many having only a limited securities license.  Our response to this has been to help limited licensed brokers to upgrade their licenses to allow them to be more competitive in serving the affluent market. Additional licensing allows for added products that your client demands and makes you a more productive financial professional.  We stand committed to enhance and strengthen our Independent Financial Advisors through specialized training, alternative investment offerings and our results-oriented management strategies.

Being successful is not just about the money, it is also about quality of life.  Our specialized approach allows you to become the expert to your clients in your field of choice and to make more money in less time so you can enjoy your success.  In our firm, the Financial Advisor comes first and is the reason for our existence.  Our philosophy is to help you put your client first and focus on client building and serving your clients; it is the recipe for success.

Technology - We have also learned that technology has leveled the playing field when it comes to competing with the large firms.  At D.H. Hill, we are of a size that allows us to be responsive to the technology needs of our Financial Advisors.  We have raised the level of expectation that Advisors demand and their clients have come to expect.  We have the ability to rapidly improve our technology to accommodate our Financial Advisors.  Unlike large bureaucratic firms, whose technology are slow to develop and dated by completion, we employ current state-of-the-art technology.  We are a small firm with big technology.  Owning and having the services of a software development firm also helps us with our commitment to continued technological advancement.

Practice Manager Software  - We have developed proprietary software that includes a client contact management platform designed to enhance your practice and become more efficient and productive.  “Practice Manager” will make running your office and managing your clients easier.   Practice Manager can enhance yur practice by managing your schedule, communicating with your clients by letters or email, keeping track of notes for each client and all documents sent, providing easy recall date reminders for action needed items and it also has a number of reports and templates available for your convenience.  Know and assign your clients into A, B or C clients for easy sorting and retrieving.  Retrieve data from any field by using our high-end SQL server search tool.

Practice Manager helps you keep track of all client investments using our built-in “Trade Blotter”.  When a client calls in and asks about a past purchase, just highlight that client and select “Trade Blotter” to view all past purchases with dates, compensation, etc.  It is easy with Practice Manager!

Trackfolio - We offer our Financial Advisors an asset evaluation program for consolidated analysis and reporting.  It has manual or data feed capability to consolidate and automatically update your mutual fund portfolios daily.  It has extensive evaluation capabilities along with a quick and easy way to generate a “Net Worth” statement. It's faster than setting up an Excel spreadsheet.  Trackfolio contains a comprehensive reporting module along with reports designed to correspond with custodial statements and combines all IRA account balances for easy IRA distribution calculations.  It allows for easy manual input for those assets that are not listed on an exchange, such as CD’s, Fixed Annuities, Real Estate and Savings Accounts.  Trackfolio is simple and easy - and it will help you be more productive.

Professional Money Management - you have access to our professional money management services and/or numerous third party money managers.  We offer our advisors the choice of being an asset gatherer or a portfolio manager.

Third Party Managers – We have an extensive list of popular money managers from which to choose. In addition to more traditional types of management, such as asset allocation, or buy/hold strategies, we have access to absolute return strategies that are designed for both bull and bear markets.  We selectively add new money managers. We welcome suggestions from our Financial Advisors to enhance our management program.

Investment Advisor Representative Managed - If you want to manage your own accounts, we provide the custodian, the trading platform and the reporting modules necessary for a successful program.  Our advisors who manage their own portfolios must be qualified and approved by our compliance department.

Traditional Brokerage Products - We offer traditional investment products and have agreements with leading mutual funds and variable insurance companies.

Alternative Investments - D.H. Hill takes great pride in being able to offer a wide array of products to its Financial Advisors without the pressure to market proprietary products.  We believe our specialty product portfolio differentiates us from the pack.  Our target market is “age 50 and over” with lump sum investments who want more income, less risk and lower taxes.  Our extensive line of alternative investments addresses these high demand objectives.  Included in our portfolio offerings are developmental oil & gas programs, real estate investment trusts and equipment leasing along with various other specialized direct participation programs.  These products help you achieve a more diverse and successful practice.  We provide training and workshops to aid you in understanding and offering these very specialized products.

Furthermore, D.H. Hill offers complete back office support along with training.  Commissions are paid weekly.    To learn more, give us a call at 832-644-1852 or 1-800-275-6603 or contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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