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D.H. Hill has been providing financial planning services since 1978. Contact us today and find out how we can help secure your future!

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About the Company

D.H. Hill is a Texas-based group of four companies:

D.H. Hill Financial Services was originally formed in 1978 to provide financial planning services focused on helping people save and accumulate money on a tax-favored basis.  Today, D.H. Hill Financial Services is known as D.H. Hill Financial serve a broad spectrum of clients seeking to reduce taxes, enhance income and reduce risk. Over a quarter of a century later, our mantra “We help our clients retire” continues to be the guiding principle.

D.H. Hill Securities, LLP, a Broker-Dealer and member firm of FINRA, was formed in 1996 for the purpose of facilitating a fifty-million dollar Initial Public Offering (IPO) for a mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust, acting as the Dealer Manager.  We were successful in helping to raise $150 million with thousands of investors through a network of Registered Representatives and selected Broker/Dealers.  Our history includes providing Dealer Manager supervisory services for a $100 million Equity REIT IPO.  We have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in specialized real estate investments through our independent Financial Advisors, in addition to other more traditional securities investments. The success of D.H. Hill Securities, LLP is measured by the success of its Financial Advisors, with many doubling and tripling their annual revenue after incorporating our strategies into their practices.  D.H. Hill Financial Advisors tend to be specialists and focus on a niche market with well-defined products and strategies designed to attract and retain “A type” clients.  We help our Financial Advisors differentiate themselves from the pack of generalist planners.  Success is not just about “money in the bank”; it is about “quality of life”.  As a specialist focusing on a niche market, you can help your clients achieve their dreams while making more money in less time and having a quality life to spend with your family.  Isn’t it time you took your practice to the next level?  “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same old things while expecting different results.”  Evaluate your present situation and consider becoming a specialist by teaming up with D.H. Hill.  It’s a partnership that pays!

D.H. Hill Insurance Services, LLC, a national marketing company, is designed to provide competitive insurance products to its licensed insurance representatives.  Its primary products include annuities, life and long term care insurance.  We have developed relationships with specialty insurance service agencies that can provide training and support for our representatives.

D.H. Hill Advisors, Inc. was registered as a Texas Investment Advisory Firm in 1998 to provide fee-based money management services and financial planning services to individuals and companies who possess investment portfolios in excess of $100,000.  D.H. Hill Advisors, Inc. has many different nationally-known money managers with many different styles of management. D.H. Hill Advisors, Inc. also offers proprietary asset management services that are designed to reduce risk in volatile markets.


Asset Gatherer:
We offer various portfolio management services for our independent Financial Advisors who want a dynamic approach to professional money management for their clients and prefer to be the asset gatherer, rather than the portfolio manager.  We provide training and support to help Financial Advisors transition to fee-based asset management, client management applications and access to portfolio reporting modules.

Investment Advisor Representative Asset Manager:
For those successful Financial Advisors who choose to manage their own accounts, we provide a high level support and access to technology for trading, tracking and reporting - with very competitive payout percentages and without the traditional “nickel and dime you to death” fees and related costs.  Many larger firms promise high payout percentages to entice Financial Advisors, but this is often times offset by charges and  fees that can have a substantial impact to your bottom line.  It’s can be very confusing!  Larger firms also try to promote impressive technology that looks good on the surface but many times is a dismal disappointment to the Financial Advisor. Bigger doesn't mean better. Perhaps a boutique firm is right for you.

Many D.H. Hill Financial Advisors specialize in the “over age 50” market.  They target clients with large lump sum investments with an emphasis on IRA accounts and 401(k) rollovers.  D.H. Hill offers products and strategies designed to help retirees achieve their financial goals by focusing on tax reduction, income enhancement and risk reduction strategies.

We provide big technology with a fast response rate for our Financial Advisors along with a personal touch; not the big firm, slow bureaucratic approach that is typical. Our niche is in the successful business owner and retirement market.  We can provide “added value” for the Financial Advisor concentrating in these markets.

How are we different? A large full-service firm has its own agenda and generally advisors have to work around that agenda to achieve their objectives.  Our agenda is focused and clear.  We are a specialist firm helping Financial Advisors who are specialists.

We are a small firm with the resources of a big firm. Our primary custodian for our investment management services has in excess of 3 million active customers world-wide and serves thousands of Financial Advisors.  We have access to state-of-the-art trading platforms and electronic reporting.  Our Financial Advisors and their clients can log in to a secure website to view accounts 24 hours a day.   We help our partners manage money and provide safekeeping through our “name brand” custodians.

Securities offered through D.H. Hill Securities, LLLP Member FINRA/SIPC, FINRA BrokerCheck  Advisory services offered through D.H. Hill Advisors, Inc. 1543 Green Oak Place, Suite 100, Kingwood, TX 77339

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